Review: "[pro]master 3421" Phone Mount

The [pro]master phone mount is an absolute tank. The odds you put this mount through hell the way we did are low, but even if you were to attach it to a prototype drone that you are trying to teach to fly on its own, thus crashing from every angle, speed and height while holding a heavy iPhone 6+ in a Lifeproof case… well let's just say you would be as impressed as we are. Now, understanding that we were treating this mount the way a semi truck would treat a jaywalking rabbit, it did eventually develop a bit of a curve to its previously right-angled base. But even with this battle wound, the size adjustment still scrolled fine and the phone never became less secure. If you’re looking for a phone mount that will break after a few drops, this is not the one for you. But if you want to buy one mount and never have to buy another, look no further!

This would also be a good time to shout out Lifeproof cases. Everything that phone mount went through, let's just say your case was that batman's robin. Reliable to the very last drop!

FlyPhone Recommended: ★★★★★