Review: Leather-Palm Large Gloves

When I first got nicked by a prop it still didn’t feel good, but this dollar purchase was the difference between an “ouch” and a trip to the ER. Any drone user knows the dangers of uncovered propellers. When we are working with drones we have to work really close to the drone itself, sometimes grabbing it out of midair if anything goes wrong. This glove enables us to do what we need, without having to fear losing any fingers. Take this with a grain of salt, know the props you're using, their material and their size. Don’t lose a finger because FlyPhone said this glove could stop a bullet, because our best guess is that it can’t. If you're able to spend a few bucks, there are definitely stronger, longer lasting, more comfortable gloves out there. That said, for one dollar this glove gets the job done and is miles better than not wearing any protection at all! 

FlyPhone Recommended: ★★★1/2